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Meteor Shower Calendar
This site would not be complete without a Meteor Shower Calendar. This lists the major shower activity and is compiled from information available on the WWW.
Optimum path times for major meteor showers can be found here.
Shower Activity Period Maximum Radiant V_infty r ZHR
    Date sol a d km/s    
Quadrantids (QUA)Jan 01-Jan 05Jan 0328316230+49412.1120 
delta-Cancrids (DCA)Jan 01-Jan 24Jan 17297 130+20283
alpha-Centaurids (ACE)Jan 28-Feb 21Feb 073192210-59562
delta-Leonids (DLE)Feb 15-Mar 10Feb 24336 168+16233
gamma-Normids (GNO)Feb 25-Mar 22Mar 13353249-51562.4
Virginids (VIR)Jan 25-Apr 15(Mar 24)(4) 195-04303
Lyrids (LYR)Apr 16-Apr 25Apr 2203232 271+34492.118 
pi-Puppids (PPU)Apr 15-Apr 28Apr 240335110-45182
eta-Aquarids (ETA)Apr 19-May 28May 050455338-01662.460 
Sagittarids (SAG)Apr 15-Jul 15(May 19)(59)247-22302.5
June Bootids (JBO)Jun 26-Jul 02Jun 270957224+48182.2
Pegasids (JPE)Jul 07-Jul 13Jul 091075340+15703
July Phoenicids (PHE)Jul 10-Jul 16Jul 1311132-48473
Piscis Austrinids (PAU)Jul 15-Aug 10Jul 2825341-30353.2
South. delta-Aquarids (SDA)Jul 12-Aug 19Jul 28125339-16413.220 
alpha-Capricornids (CAP)Jul 03-Aug 15Jul 30127307-10232.5
South. iota-Aquarids (SIA)Jul 25-Aug 15Aug 04132334-15342.9
North. dleta-Aquarids (NDA)Jul 15-Aug 25Aug 08136335-05423.4
Perseids (PER)Jul 17-Aug 24Aug 1214046+58592.6100 
kappa-Cygnids (KCG)Aug 03-Aug 25Aug 17145286+59253
North. iota-Aquarids (NIA)Aug 11-Aug 31Aug 19147327-06313.2
alpha-Aurigids (AUR)Aug 25-Sep 08Sep 01158684+42662.6
delta-Aurigids (DAU)Sep 05-Oct 10Sep 09166760+47642.9
Piscids (SPI)Sep 01-Sep 30Sep 191775-01263
Draconids (GIA)Oct 06-Oct 10Oct 081954262+54202.6
epsilon-Geminids (EGE)Oct 14-Oct 27Oct 18205102+27703
Orionids (ORI)Oct 02-Nov 07Oct 2120895+16662.523 
Southern Taurids (STA)Oct 01-Nov 25Nov 0522352+13272.3
Northern Taurids (NTA)Oct 01-Nov 25Nov 1223058+22292.3
Leonids (LEO)Nov 14-Nov 21Nov 1723527153+22712.5
alpha-Monocerotids (AMO)Nov 15-Nov 25Nov 2123932117+01652.4
chi-Orionids (XOR)Nov 26-Dec 15Dec 0225082+23283
Dec Phoenicids (PHO)Nov 28-Dec 09Dec 062542518-53182.8
Puppid/Velids (PUP)Dec 01-Dec 15(Dec 07)(255)123-45402.910 
Monocerotids (MON)Nov 27-Dec 17Dec 09257100+08423
sigma-Hydrids (HYD)Dec 03-Dec 15Dec 12260127+02583
Geminids (GEM)Dec 07-Dec 17Dec 142622112+33352.6120 
Coma Berenicids (COM)Dec 12-Jan 23Dec 19268175+25653
Ursids (URS)Dec 17-Dec 26Dec 222707217+7633310 
Arietids (DAR)May 22 - July 2June 06/07---0038 
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