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The purpose of this web site is to promote JT6M as a mode of communication on both 6M and 4M band and guide users through setting up and using JT6M effectively.
You should find everything you need to know about using JT6M - setup, receiving, transmitting, working DX, ms procedure, and much more..... You will find that the information on this site has a European bias but most should be applicable worldwide (typically default settings and operating procedures).

Meteor Scatter communications is not new but JT6M makes it easier ! Optimised for 6 metre band Meteor Scatter, JT6M allows you to make meteor scatter contacts easily. JT6M is not restricted to 6M or MS mode of propagation and many DX qso's have taken place using multi-hop ES. JT6M has also been used successfully on 6M EME ! It is also quite effective on 4M band and is also being used on HF bands too.

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What is JT6M ?
JT6M is part of the WSJT suite of digital weak signal software applications developed by Joe Taylor, K1JT (WSJT - Weak Signal by Joe Taylor).JT6M is optimised for 6M meteor scatter but is equally effective with Tropo, weak ES and scatter modes of propagation.
To find out more about JT6M, click here.
Meteor Scatter (MS) propagation is a common occurrence on the VHF bands. At times of major showers, communication is possible using conventional modes such as CW and SSB. Random meteors make it more difficult to use these modes.
Since its introduction in March 2003, JT6M has proven that 6M and 4M MS propagation can be made at virtually any time either using random meteors or shower meteors.

Designed for transmitting short messages of about 1 second duration, typical of 6M MS, JT6M is also effective in Tropo, IonoScatter and weak ES propagation modes resulting in qso's you thought would not be possible on an apparently 'dead band'.
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